Priscilia’s Birthday Shoot


We are now offering a photo shoot session for your birthday. Join the trend and find out why so many are choosing us to celebrate their special day. Whether you are comfortable in front of a camera or very shy, our photographer will bring out the superstar in you. We all have a friend who struggles to find the right angle or lightning, which often result in a disaster aka a low-quality snapchat-filtered picture. That’s not the worse part. We can all recall not being satisfied after asking a random person to take our picture. You don’t have to trust their skill or lack thereof. Let our photographer capture those joyful moments. It is your birthday and you deserve more than a basic selfie. Call some friends and let us do the rest. If you don’t have friends, it’s ok. You are enough. Our photographer is certified and highly professional. He is also punctual and very creative. Don’t take our words for it, see for yourself. These are pictures of one of our clients who tried our birthday photo shoot.


 I like the people, the photographer’s ideas and his flexibility. #BeautifulAndCrazy) – Priscilia

She requested to keep her identity hidden, but she described her experience as FUN. When asked if she will do it again, she responded:”YEEESSS FOR SURE”.



The pictures we take say more than a thousand words, they will literally transform your life. As a matter of fact, most of our clientele could testify of the exponential increase of likes on their social media following their photo shoot. No matter what your intentions are, our team will exceed your expectations and remind your circle of friends of the day you grace them with your authentic, unapologetic beauty.

1-Where did you hear from us? From a friend : Hervanne

2-Do you like your pictures? Yes i do love them. I think you didn’t send all of them, cause they are some you showed me that day that i liked but they weren’t in the list.

3 – How will you describe your photoshoot experience in one word? Fun

4-what did Axel do to make you feel comfortable/confident? He was understanding, he gave us time to really get in the shoot and he took the time to make us comfortable.

5-what can we do to improve the session? (Theme choices, poses, etc) Switching places during the shoot.

6 – If you were to have another session, would you be as happy as a teddy bear? Yeeesss for sure

7 – did you feel like a super model today? Lol, yes I did.

8 – which hashtag would best quote today’s session? #beautifulandcrazy

9 – what was inspiring about this session? The people, the ideas of the photographer and his flexibility

10 – Any final satisfaction thoughts? Thanks for the fast response and hope to work with you soon.


Cendy Kidjo,

Blogger for NP PROD



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