No Limit Fashion show

Jean- Luc Muhire (Shakatell) and DJ TYTY (Ottawa’s most popular female dj) have been working together to create fashion shows that are socially conscious and that put to the forefront up and coming local designers.

For instance in 2013, they organized the Humura Runway named after the organization Humura that seeks to help Rwandan Genocide survivors and their families in Ottawa. A lover of fashion, Jean-Luc is no stranger to the work that Humura does, having survived the genocide himself.

It is this experience and his own struggle to move on from the horrific events that inspired his desire to lend a hand to others like himself. Fashion being his first love, Jean-Luc decided to use something that he enjoys so much, utilizing the skills that he has acquired along the way to assist those in need and implement change.

This year’s fashion show, No Limit, will be an opportunity for local designers that are willing to go beyond any conventional boundaries. It is also a platform for people to express themselves, to be creative and to own their identity. This year’s theme will mainly focus on UNITY – bringing people together regardless of their background.

For Shakatell and Dj Tyty, fashion is about expressing your identity showing someone who you are through your fashion choices and using your clothes to tell a story

No Limit Fashion show


Cendy Kidjo,

Blogger for NP PROD

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