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The team NP PROD has decided to post an article every Thursday called ” ★ THROWBACK THURSDAYS ★ ” to showcase the work that have been done in the past. This Thursday’s article is ★ THROWBACK THURSDAYS ★ 80’s / 90’s. 

As many are already familiar with NP PROD, they organize events of any type. They are currently running Swanky Saturdays every Saturday inside Flybar which is located at the heart of Downtown OTTAWA. Couple of years ago, NP PROD planned an event called ” ★ THROWBACK THURSDAYS ★ ”  with other promoters in OTTAWA that you might have heard of most likely if you are used to the night scene. Those promoters were: Urban Jamz Ent and NPC – Need 2 Play Club. After everybody agreed on the date that was Thursday, May 14TH 2015, the flyer had to be done right away to start promotion and get people hyped up for the party. The team NP PROD is so well equipped that they have someone in the team dealing with FLYER DESIGN. That person took care of the flyer and this is what it looked like in the picture below. For your flyers design inquiries, contact them.

After the flyer was done, the promotion started. For those who know a little bit how NP PROD works, they always come up with some different promotion strategies to hype up an event. The strategy they used for this event was to do a photoshoot based on a 80’s/90’s theme.

For more pictures, click here: 80’s/90’s

Hard work always pays off they say. The event was a success. You can see in the video below also directed and edited by someone in the team NP PROD.



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