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The team NP PROD has decided to post an article every Thursday called ” ★ THROWBACK THURSDAYS ★ ” to showcase the work that has been done in the past. This Thursday’s article is ★ THROWBACK THURSDAYS ★ Feeling Godly. 

This whole thing happened one of those cold days in December 2016. Juvi Da Gemini contacted me for a photoshoot/video-shoot for his new track back then. I listened to the track and I really liked it. From there, we decided we were gonna shoot a video but we had no clue what to shoot. The day of the shooting,  Juvi Da Gemini came through to my house with two sexy ladies. It only took me few minutes to get in the shooting mood. The girls started getting ready applying their make up and just for fun, I started taking some random pictures. As I was taking the pictures, I was seeing the whole video-shoot in my head.

So, I decided to take more pictures first so I could build up the whole video in my head

Once the girls were done applying their make-up, we started shooting some random scenes in the washroom. Then, we shot some other scenes in the bedroom

After the bedroom shoot, we went to the stairs, the balcony and then the living room were we shot the last scenes. If you wish to see more pictures, click here

Once, we gathered all the material we needed, I didn’t wait a second to start editing the video and working on the pictures. Believe it or not, the pictures and the music video were ready the same day. Enjoy the video below and share if you like the work that was put together to come up to this result.

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