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The team NP PROD has decided to post an article every Thursday called ” ★ THROWBACK THURSDAYS ★ ” to showcase the work that has been done in the past. This Thursday’s article is ★ THROWBACK THURSDAYS ★ Flawless. 

As you may or may not know, NP PROD did their first party in OTTAWA on Saturday March 8th, 2014. That was 4 years ago. You might be asking yourselves how the transition happened from Photography to Throwing events. Well, NP was the event coordinator of NSBE that current year.  NSBE was a student association at Carleton University. NP was already known for capturing incredible pictures at different events going on in the city. From that and other activities he was doing, he had a decent following in the city.  Since he was in charge of the event, he decided to team up with DJ MBTIOUS also know as Stephane Mpundu. ” Picture Below ” —- An amazing DJ.. For those who been in the night life for a longtime in OTTAWA, you should have heard this name or been to  party he was playing at.

After a long meeting with NSBE, DJ MBTIOUS and NP PROD’s members, it was decided that the party would be called “FLAWLESS“. Once the name was chosen, we decided to work on a promo strategy. NP PROD can’t be involved in a project without using its secret weapon: “Captivate people’s attention with images either pictures or videos. Consequently, it was decided that we were gonna work on a photoshoot called “FLAWLESS“. We released it on Facebook and got people to share the pictures to get people’s attention.

For more pictures, click Here

To get more people’s attention getting closer to the day or the party, we decided to shoot a promo video.

In this video, you might have recognized Mael Mensah aka DJ M$H, which is currently one of the recurring djs inside Flybar and also one of NP PROD‘s artist.

With enough material to promote the event, we were confident enough and we had a successful first party. To look at the pictures of the party, click Here

This month is actually making 4 years that NP PROD has been throwing parties. There is no party if nobody is showing up and you have been constantly showing up these past years. Many more blessings for y’all that have been supporting and keep supporting us.

Thanks for the support.

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