Ottawa’s Got Style – Upcoming Stylist You Should Keep Your Eye On

Most of us don’t think of Ottawa as a fashion city, however there are people in this city that are passionate about their clothing choices and find creative ways to express their love for fashion. Check out these two young and talented upcoming stylists from our very own city, they are definitely the ones to keep an eye on.

Ornella Kondo

C: Can you tell me more about yourself?

O: My name is Ornella Kondo, I’m a freelance fashion stylist/digital influencer in Ottawa. I’m pretty outgoing and excited about whats to come!

C : What inspired you to become a stylist ?
O :
I’ve always loved fashion ever since I was a little girl. I’ve always seen myself working in the industry one day. I think with my mom always making sure that my siblings and I looked presentable each time we’d leave the house has something to do with it! 

C: What’s your proudest accomplishment so far?

O: Starting my freelance styling business in Ottawa.

C: Who do you want to work with in the future?

O:  Vogue USA, Sophie Trudeau, Rihanna and the list goes on!

C: Do you have a mentor/idol?

O: I have a few mentors; they know who they are. But to name two ; Nancy and Christian Kondo. I’m really really extremely thankful for having them in my life My mother is my #1 idol. I can never thank her enough for just everything she’s done/continues to do so.

C: What’s your favourite fashion trend at the moment?

O:  Culottes, if I could wear them everyday, I would. I also love slip dresses.

Check out her work below!

IG : ornellakondo


Omar Jammeh

C: Tell me about yourself Omar!

O: To tell you more about myself I need a film producer, because my life is a story (LOL!)

C: What made you chose to become a stylist

O : I have a creative mind. I love styling myself and styling other people because it leaves a smile on their face. I appreciate everything about fashion.

C: Who would you like to style in the future?

O: Beyonce is definitely my dream person to style.

C: What’s your favourite fashion trend?

O: I don’t have a favourite trend at the moment, as long as it makes me look good or other people look good I’ll wear it.

Check out his work below!

IG : nastyjammeh

Next time you’re in the mood to slay, hit up these rising stylists right here form our very own hometown. They are on the road to success.


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